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Comprehensive Inspection Reports Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Building Inspections agrees to perform all Building Inspections via a visual method using non-invasive activities to accessible areas of the building & property features that form part of the agreed inspection requirements. As a result of the inspection a comprehensive written report will reflect features of the structural elements as they exist at the time of the inspection. Building inspection may have limitations such as placed furniture, carpets etc.
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For pre-purchase residential building inspections, all inspections will be performed in accordance with the Australian Standards AS 4349.1-2007. Before a Building Inspection is undertaken by Sunshine Building Inspections an Inspection Agreement will be forwarded to our Client for review, consideration & on approval shall be signed & returned.

In appointing your new Building Inspection Service Provider, our free piece of advice is

 ALWAYS engage professional highly skilled licenced building & pest inspectors.

NEVER settle for verbal Inspection Reports. Your ability to make any claim against an inspector who hasn’t documented their findings in writing is waived leaving you vulnerable.

 For your reference our Builder & Building Inspection Licence is QBCC 1043156.  You can check to verify a Building Inspector is licenced using the this link - Queensland Building & Construction Commission Online License Search

Sunshine Building Inspections helps you with your property purchase by giving you the edge to negotiate with confidence knowing what you’re faced with. It's this level of support that you can be assured will get you the best deal or provide you with expert & professional documentation that you will require if the report identifies item(s) of high concern & you need to terminate the contract binding you to the purchase.

At Sunshine Building Inspections we use the latest technology, which means precise and direct-to- you reports using 3D Inspection System Software & FLIR C2 Thermal Cameras. Our qualified Building Inspectors can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, much more than the cost of the inspection, as we give solid & worthwhile information before your contract goes unconditional.

 The Building Inspectors Secret Weapon


The following includes some examples, but not limited to our full comprehensive inspection reports & the details that our clients are provided so that they can make an informed decision about the proposed purchase.  



Subsidence movement cracking noted on the west elevation (right side). Recommend seeking advice from a Residential Structural Engineer to determine the degree of structural concern that this movement indicates.

External Wall Condition 1 External Wall Condition 2



The roof is of pitched construction. CAUTION Super Six corrugated fibre cement roof sheeting is present. Although we are not qualified in the detection of asbestos material, this item will contain asbestos fibres. Recommend an analysis by a qualified expert be conducted of these materials to confirm the amount and importance of the asbestos present. Rusty roof screws also noted.

External Roof 1     External Roof 2

The aging, well weathered external roof fabric life may be considerably extended at lesser cost than replacement by a roofing specialist conducting roof sealing and or fabric restoration.  This may include pressure cleaning, ridging, rejuvenation or replacement to split, torn or failing flashing materials, aligning or tightening, re fixing to anchor points, mould or corrosion treatment, regeneration to applied texture surface, glaze paint or coatings. Contact a roofing expert for detailed advice and costings




Concrete pavement along the southeast (right side) has subsided causing differential movement pulling the pavement apart by 45mm. Movement also note along the retaining wall. This subsidence has been caused by poor drainage undermining these structures & causing erosion.  

 Paths Paved 1 Paths Paved 2





No steel lintels noted above the lower level windows. To comply with building standards a hot dipped galvanized steel lintel (commonly called an arch bar) should have been installed over all lower windows to support the brickwork above.

Windows Support 1     Windows Support 2




Defects in this building: The incidence of defects in the areas inspected in comparison to the average condition of similar buildings of approximately the same age that have been reasonably well maintained is considered.

High:- The frequency and/or magnitude of defects are beyond the inspectors expectations.

Overall Condition: Therefore the overall condition of the areas inspected in the context of its age, type and general expectations of similar properties is below average. The building and its parts such as the lack of brick work support over the lower level windows & lack of weep holes show poor non-tradesman like workmanship, with the balance of defects showing long term neglect.

DON'T second guess or take unnecessary risks have confidence in what you’re buying. Engage professional highly skilled licenced building & pest inspectors. They may save you much more than the cost of the inspection.    

As an overview our comprehensive inspections scope covers, photographs within our reports. We also provide written comments explaining our findings & give you our expert & professional recommendations. Items included in all our inspections (but not limited to) can be found by clicking here 

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