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Property Risk Assessments Sunshine Coast

Manage Your Risk

Reduce your liability; although the below check list is not exhaustive it will give you an overview & a starting point.

  • Start by clearly identifying your property from the street frontage for guest arrivals; make the entry point part of the experience

  • Keep the premise(s) and common area(s) in good repair prior to the term of the tenancy, this will reduce interruption to the tenant(s) & encourage return visits. Let the tenant have peace and quiet to enjoy

  • If you need to replace any water fitting or fixtures ensure they meet Standards Australia ‘A’ rating

  • Make sure all external doors have locks and windows can be secured

  • Ensure your property is fitted with the required quantity of working Smoke Alarms & they comply with Australian Standards, ensure each Smoke Alarm is tested, cleaned and each battery that is spent or known to be almost spent is replaced before the start of a tenancy

  • In units & other complex type situations fire safety of the ajoining roof space or roof void is paramount; are dividing property walls commonly called ‘Party Walls’ in good order & penetrations fire sealed?

  • Reduce trips & falls by removing unnecessary steps or clearly highlighting steps, install appropriate handrails or grab rails

  • Health & amenities; safe guard people from illness or injury, including regular cleaning of air conditioning filters & swimming pool reticulation & filtration systems

  • External timber decks, stairs & handrails; is the structure in good order & secure?

  • Provide appropriate surface drainage, reduce ponding water
  • Undertake a presumptive Pest Inspections, and always follow the inspection companies preventative advice to maintain a pest free environment. Not all our common fauna are friendly, this is Australia afterall.